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There are many visual connotations that arise in our minds when we hear "HEALING". Some people become defensive saying  "there's nothing wrong with me ", others think there needs to be something physically wrong with them e.g a broken bone, external symptom etc. The simple reality is we can deal with physical ailments easier as we can label the issue, while if it is an emotional, financial, or a relationship issue we bottle it up and try to ignore the situation. This has the cumulative effect of creating additional internal resistance to the situation which spills over into a worsening of external circumstances in people's daily lives.


As an energy practitioner I've come to realise healing is simply about restoring balance within mind, body and spirit. We are meant to live in a constant state of joy and if this is not occuring there may be imbalances present.  Many feel angry when they hear this statement simply because they have learned to accept life as it is.


Healing is a completely natural process that occurs following a flow of energy between the therapist and recipient that reaches internal dis-ease at the deepest levels and activates the clients natural resources to work for them. Healing facilitates revitalisation, relaxation, release and re-generation at a profound level and allows the body heal in its own way.















While a client may present with a physical issue the intelligence of healing energy seeks to re- balance the underlying cause whilst simutaneously relieving the presenting symptom to prevent the issue/pattern from re- occuring. Healing is fascinating in that it can occur in an unexpected way. You may feel the results immediately after a treatment e.g. a client may have severe back pain but within the session they may begin laughing thereby releasing old stored emotions  relating to previous relationships. The back pain may then be released automatically. Others may feel emotional in days after the session or a resolution to the presenting issue appears.


The therapist is often functioning at a higher level of vibrational energy than the client and therefore acts as a set of jump leads whereby energy is drawn to where it's needed without the client or therapist having to think about it. One can use a similar analogy with food, it simply goes where it is needed in our bodies without our influence over it. In a similar fashion the therapist does not need to have knowledge of the presenting issue which saves the cient having to trawl to their already bruised emotions or talk about the issue if they do not wish to.


A US study found 10 minutes of energy healing was as effective as physical therapy in improving range of motion in people with mobility issues.




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