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5 ways to BOOST your energy

1. Breathe

This may sound strange but the correct way to breathe is through your nose and with your mouth closed. This feels unnatural at first but once practiced often it makes a dramatic difference to the amount of oxygen getting to our brain and it is used more efficiently in the body.

2. Grounding

Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed by life we can be too much in our head space. When we ground we re-connect to the Earths natural healing energy and release old energy that is causing overwhelm. Ways to ground include walking barefoot on the beach, sitting on grass or sitting next to the base of a tree for a few minutes.


Often when we are stressed we can't see the wood for the trees. First thing in the morning if you can take five minutes in silence and just practice breathing in and out and just let thoughts flow through your mind with no attachment to them. This has the effect of releasing resistance and you regain control over your day.


We all encounter people who challenge us in life and in the long run they help us grow. As we become more aware of our energy system we become more sensitive to negative energies around us. If this occurs e.g in a work environment simply saying the word shield and imagining a bubble of light around you helps protect from the negative energy of others and mainting your own positive energy.


Often this is the last thing we feel like doing while going through a stressful time. However it has the effect of confusing the brain by releasing happy hormones such as serotonin and this begins to dissolve the negative thoughts and increasing our vibration and allows us back on our preferred path of positivity.

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