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How Energy Healing Relieves Anxiety

How to reverse the impact of negativity in our lives

Our body often absorbs everything in its immediate environment so if we have been exposed to harsh or stressful situations even if it was months ago it can potentially have lasting negative effects on our internal system and organs.

How can we combat and reverse this ?

  1. Energy clearing allows for a cleansing of your personal energy field,it works to free you from the effects of past traumas e.g. shock and emotional pain

  2. If family members or work situations have been causing stress or overwhelm energy work helps to energetically detach you from these toxic situations. It returns your power to you and you no longer feel drained by other people or situations.

  3. If you have experienced a relationship break up or a bereavement, this affects your heart chakra. Energy therapy allows this old stagnant energy be removed naturally from your system and recycles it into positive energy.

  4. We often absorb energies from our care givers when then forms the patterns we live by. You may be feeling anxious due to repeated negative patterns in your life which can leave you feeling stuck and frustrated. Healing helps you to naturally disconnect from these subconscious patterns and programmes freeing you to move forwards towards your goals.

Healing sessions last one hour and can release years of pain and internal turmoil allowing to then live your best life.

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