Clients regularly come from around Ireland to clinics held in various locations including Dublin, Cork, Kildare, Kerry. In the event there are more than 5 clients within other regions in a particular area requiring sessions Olivia will aim to accomodate travelling to that area to complete sessions. Olivia has also travelled to the UK in the past to complete treatments there. The nature of healing is discussed with clients  and they are put totally at ease as the aim of the session is ultimately to restore balance of mind, body and spirit through restoring balance within internal energy chakra system .


Sessions are usually an hour in duration. Clients are given the option of disclosing what their presenting issue is or alternatively they can set the intention in their mind as to what they want from the session. Often the root cause of the issue the client is presenting with is very different to the physical issue the client is presenting with and the energy will naturally work itself to clear the issue. As a conduit for healing energy Olivia finds that often the fact clients take the first step to come for healing brings the presenting issue into consciousness which initiates the healing process.












Clients are invited to lay on the plinth or they can sit on a chair if preferred. Clients lay on the plinth with a relaxing warm blanket and there is soothing relaxing music in the backround which creates a tranquil environment to facilitate healing to occur. Clients are informed that once the session begins Olivia begins by placing her hands above their body close to their energy centers, clients may feel sensations of heat,cold or light tingling sensations within the session. Often Olivia may have her hand on a clients shoulder, however the clients feet may feel hot or cold. This is simply the energy moving to where it is needed most.  As a channel for healing Olivia is simply the channel through which energy passes through and once the blockage is released the body then works to heal itself.


Many of our physical issues originate from internal emotional imbalances and therefore as release occurs within the session clients may become tearful or laugh within the session. Clients regularly report feeling as if a weight has been physically lifted off their shoulders following a session as the old "stuff" they have been carrying for years is removed. Some clients fall asleep during the session which allows even deeper healing to occur as it is unconscious clearing and therefore even more effective. Many of the sessions release and clear issues that lay dormant at a deep cellular level which then creates space internally which has a domino effect of allowing positive physical change to occur in their external circumstances.


The aim of all sessions is to improve clients well-being for their highest good. Clients may occasionally feel emotional in days following their healing sessions and Olivia advises clients to drink lots of water to enhance clearing similar to internal detoxing. Finally it's important to note healing involves restoring balance so people don't necessarily have to exhibit physical issues. It works at a level of restoring balance to financial issues /relationships and works to attract coincidences to resolve the presenting issue. All sessions have the ultimate aim to invigorate clients and facilitate peace through returning to a life of balance, harmony, tranquility and peace internally and externally.