How healing helps with pregnancy


"I had the dream house, husband, job, a supportive family and friends, but I was unfulfilled. Pressure of my future and babies were becoming unbearable". Through a set of coincidences I came across Olivia and her work and agreed to try it.......well I was mesmerised by the results. Weeks after the session I fell pregnant with my now one year old daughter Jessie. I don't know how Olivia does what she does but I will be eternally greatful for the changes in my life  and Olivia's commitment to her gift.  In my opinion Olivia's gift works a bit like electricity, I'll never know exactly how it works but you don't need to understand electricity to turn on a light switch!!!!


Thank you Olivia for changing my life.


Anne D.


















How healing accelerates healing of physical injuries.


As a keen sportsman I was devestated by a wrist injury that left me out of action for weeks. Watching my team struggle without my contribution was devastating.  A friend of a friend recommended Olivia. I was sceptical as I previously only tried convential medicine but I needed to accelerate my healing. As Olivia worked on my wrist I could actually feel the pain draining from my wrist. I was astounded to say the least. The following morning I noticed huge improvement in the function in my wrist. I was back on the pitch in no time, I can only describe the experience as miraculous.


Thank you Olivia, an angel on earth.


John R.










How healing helped relieve stress



I had never tried holistic therapies before meeting Olivia but I had to do something to change my life. I was STUCK in every sense of the word. I'd lost my job, had a string of failed relationships, topped off by severe back pain. The doctors were prescribing anti- depressants but the side affects were more disabling than the back pain. I agreed to a session simply as I had no where else to go. Well the session was amazing, I laughed so hard I actually felt the back pain leave my body. My life flows again and I am in control  and excited for my future.


I thank god for Olivia every day.


Mel S.












How healing helped me clear writers block and accelerate personal development


As a successful entrepreneur and author it came as a surprise one day when my creativity had dried up, no ideas, no motivation, nothing !! I decided to have a session with Olivia with the intent to clear whatever it was that was blocking me. In less than a week I was back to my creative self and attracting wonderful opportunities in my life. I regularly have sessions now and am loving growing my business empire.


Thank you  Olivia.


Susan H.