Olivia is from Ireland and has strong Irish ancestral roots and currently resides in the beautiful Co.Kerry.


She previously trained and worked as an Occupational Therapist and obtained her degree from Jordanstown University, Belfast. This provided her with a strong foundational knowledge of anatomy and physiology which compliments her knowledge of energy healing.


Her journey through life lead Olivia to develop her passion and true gift. This devotion within the healing field made her realise that this was her true calling in life and she has become committed to helping others.


She believes anything is possible and assists clients to remove energy blockages which helps release health issues and other personal limitations.


Olivia has travelled the world extensively and her training was completed in varying locations including Ireland, London, Amsterdam and Sweden. She accomplished awards in training in Healing Modalities including, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, A.R.C.H (Ancient Rainbow Consciousness Healing). She has also trained as a life coach and trainer to assist people reach their true potential in life.


Due to her extensive training Olivia has been attuned to many higher vibrational energy levels and within one of her attunements Olivia experienced her whole body filling with healing light energy and she completes daily personal healings to keep her own energy field clear in order to be a clear conduit for healing to all who come for treatments.  











This image was taken prior to an event in 2014. It clearly demonstrates the healing energy surrounding Olivia, which is available to others during healing sessions.