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Olivia's candles have been infused with healing energy. This energy in the candle is then available to the user and brings about healing when the candle is lit. The candles bring about a feeling of peace and calmness when lit. They help cleanse the mind and spirit and work to restore balance and flow in the body.

All candles have been individually charged with reiki healing energy by Olivia and you can simply set your intention prior to lighting your candle. Candles can also be used during meditation to enhance healing. Candles are 6 inches tall. Price includes postage and packaging.

You can choose a candle that most appeals to your needs at any particular time.
1. Love
This candle is infused with energies of love joy and bliss. It will help bring light energy into your daily routine.

2. Healing
This is infused with peaceful energies which will invite energies of peace ,balance and flow into your life.

3. Success
This candle is infused with energies of success and prosperity both in your daily life or business related.

4. Peace
This candle is infused with peaceful energies which can be related to any area of your life experience including relationships of family concerns

5. Abundance
This candle is infused with the energy of abundance. We are often exposed to feelings of lack or "not enough". This candle will invite the energy of abundance in all areas of your life.

Healing Candle

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